One moment they were struggling to find customers, the other they were storming the job boards to hire more account executives to handle all the incoming new business requests.

Here it is, the case study of how we’ve helped a air freigh forwarder generate revenue of $411.802, in just 3 months.

RO FF client web site

The struggle

ROFF is a boutique freight forwarding company specialized in B2B airfreight services, with 8 years of experience in the market.

Before they started working with our PPC agency Streamford, they’d done a basic job with Google Ads. As they saw it, they had the Google Ads side of things under control, as they offered an in-demand service in a category with plenty of searches per month.

But what they were really lacking was in-depth Google Ads expertise. They needed a true pro to come in and fully build out and manage for them a really profitable Google Ads campaign.

The outcome

Fast forward 3 months, and we’ve generated $411.802 in revenue using Google Ads to source new business leads.

We started working with RO FF at the beginning of April 2020. Until the end of June, we’ve managed to generate 399 leads , out of which about 70% were qualified leads(MQL’s). We took the pre-collaboration performance of sourcing 3 leads per week up to an astonishing 53 leads per week towards the end of our campaign!

google ads leads

The win rate was 9% and the total ad spend for the 3-month campaign was $48.715.

We’ve reached a ROAS of 845%, which means for every $1 spent on ads, we’ve managed to return $8.45 in revenue.

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How we did it?

There were a few big things that needed to be taken care of right away when we started working on RO FF’s Google Ads account. By far the biggest, ugliest problem in the room was…

Performance, Budgets & Impression Share

This is literally the first thing we check whenever we dive into a new account. It’s that important. If you do everything else right in an account but get this one big thing wrong, then you will leave thousands and thousands of potential revenue on the table. When we checked RO FF’s account we immediately spotted a big problem:

google ads search is

The column title “Search Lost IS (budget)” stands for “Search Lost Impression Share due to Budget”.

So what does that mean in plain English? It’s essentially your lost share of the market, as it applies to your Search advertising. If you get 90% lost impression share, that means your ads didn’t show up in 90% of the cases when they could’ve. If you get 50% impression share, you showed up only half the amount of times you could have done. You missed out on half the available impressions, clicks and conversions in that case, and you’d probably want to know why you missed so many opportunities.

In the case of RO FF, at the time we began working on the account, the figures on worst performing campaigns, as shown in the pic above, were 78.28 % and 71.60% respectively. They were missing on a lot of business opportunities, that was a true shocker for us!

Single Keyword Ad Groups

Another strategy we always implement when managing Google Ads accounts is SKAG, acronym for Single Keyword Ad Groups.

Basically, we create one ad group per each individual keyword that is relevant to the business. We also tie those ad groups to keyword-custom landing page variants.

The SKAG strategy implies a lot of work but this play allows us to achieve better quality scores and hit higher ad ranks – which has a direct, quick impact on the performance. After just 3 weeks, the performance of the campaigns simply blew through the roof!


Exact match keywords

There are three main keyword match types (plus a couple more but let’s not get into that now) in Google Ads: Broad, Phrase, and Exact. “Broad” match is the widest targeting option, like casting a wider, less precise net.

If “Broad” match is a wider net, then “Exact” match is a scalpel. Whereas “Broad” match will target the keyword you selected, plus anything under the sun that Google thinks is related, “Exact” match will only target the exact keyword you selected; nothing more and nothing less. The “Exact” match tends to have much lower volume but the highest level of performance.

“Phrase” match is somewhere between the two, it targets the exact keyword phrase you selected, in that exact order, but it allows searches with additional words on either side of your phrase to show up.

RO FF’s account was only using “Broad” match, the wider targeting options with lower performance. When we went through the Search Terms report, we found that there were a lot of search terms with a very high volume of conversions that did not have equivalent “Exact” match keywords added to the account. This meant that the bids and ads for those search terms could not be precisely controlled, as they were being shown on broad or phrase match keywords that were not exactly the same as the search term itself.

We immediately added those terms to the account and then set up our weekly process where we monitor the search terms report for converted terms that don’t have an “Exact” match keyword added. Using this process, we scour the account’s search terms report every week for good new keywords to add and irrelevant keywords to block.

Landing page optimization

While we were optimizing the performance of the Google Ads account, we started looking into ways of improving the conversion rate on RO FF’s website.

We were sending enough quality traffic to the landing page but we were not happy with the 2.7% conversion rate that the site was generating.

We’ve improved the layout and copywriting of the landing page, we’ve run several A/B tests to find the winner, and got the site’s conversion rate to a whooping 7%!

landing page optimization roff

What RO FF Had To Say

We asked Alex, the CEO of ROFF, what he thought about our service and he was kind enough to share these words:

Streamford’s team boosted up heavily our sales by implementing a digital strategy focused on Google paid campaigns and website conversion optimization. We are thrilled by the collaboration and in Q1 2021 we plan to run another campaign together

Alex, CEO, RO FF


Your turn!

There you have it, our formula for scaling a Google campaign in a very competitive niche and generating $411.802 for our client ROFF.

Hopefully, you found something here that can help you create similar growth in your own paid ads account.

Of course, not everyone has time to invest in the same strategies we did, so if you’d rather get us to do all this for you then get in touch for your free consultation and PPC audit and we’ll show you what we could do in your account.


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